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1|  Executive Strategy Day

Designed for businesses seeking financial guidance without the need for a full-time team member, an Executive Strategy Day is an opportunity to work one-on-one with CPA. We will work together to help you gain clarity, identify growth opportunities, and develop sustainable processes and strategies.

2|  Fractional CFO and External Controller

Similar to an Executive Strategy Day, these services are available on a part-time, retainer, or contract basis, and are tailored to your business needs. I'll work closely with you to manage accounting operations, provide financial guidance, and help you achieve your business goals.

3|  Concierge Family Office Services

I provide comprehensive financial management solutions for individuals and families, including financial planning and management, budgeting, insurance, charitable giving, tax services, and more. As I prioritize exceptional service, I only accept a limited number of clients.

4|  Year-End Rescue Package

Year end accounting for those who maintain their own bookkeeping. Avoid the tax season scramble by having polished financial ready for your tax preparer. You might consider this a bookkeeping bailout!

5|  Individual Income Taxes

My service includes federal and state filings, and personalized attention to notices and responses. In addition, planning and advisory services are available as needed. To ensure high-quality service I limit the number of clients I accept for this offering.

6|  Tax Planning

Aimed to provide clients with the opportunity to have proactive conversations.  We will discuss tax implications, planning strategies, payments, due dates, and how to reduce or avoid underpayment penalties. Whether or not you are an existing client, let's plan ahead and avoid surprises come tax season.

7|  Periodic Recordkeeping

Build a solid foundation for your business with periodic bookkeeping support. Receive accurate, understandable financial reports for informed decision-making. Services are tailored to your needs and timing preferences.

Please reach out for more details or additional service offerings.

Tailored Offerings

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